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Tajemniczy Mikołaj 2016 w 12 placówkach

Tajemniczy Mikołaj 2016 w 12 placówkach

W trzeciej edycji akcji, z pomocą pracowników Amazon, przygotowaliśmy paczki dla 363 dzieci z domów dziecka oraz placówek pomocniczych w rejonach Poznania i Wrocławia.

Tajemniczy Mikołaj 2016

23/12/2016 | Polska

Unlike in previous years, this time we invited associates on our levels in Poland (both AA and TA) to take part in our Secret Santa 2016. The initiative was organized separately for all FCs. In POZ1 we already had a mapped initiative we wanted to support with 3 orphanages taking part in it.

In WRO1 and WRO2 we tested a new approach which further engaged associates - in November we asked them to propose local orphanages that we could contact and ask for letters to Santa. We got a list o 9 facilities from which we could support 6 (the other 3 were either already "booked" by other companies or not responding). Eventually, in POZ and WRO, we gathered 10 orphanages with 293 kids. Associates, individually or in teams, managers, office employees - all engaged in fulfilling Christmas dreams. Additionally, we supported 2 other facilities with 70 kids. We visited several of the orphanages together with our Amazon volunteers and distributed gifts to children.

  • We provided gifts for 10 orphanages and 2 additional facilities in Poland
  • Christmas was better for 363 kids!
  • Thanks to associates' engagement, we helped 130 more kids than in 2015
  • We engaged 21 volunteers in visiting orphanages as Amazon Elves